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We understand that distribution brings forth a huge responsibility. It is our job to appropriately present the products that we distribute to our business partners and thus accelerate sales.

We strive to make them available at all well-stocked hunting stores in Slovenia while offering optimal support to the shopkeepers. Having the popular items in stock all the time allows us to ensure rapid delivery – if the product is in stock, it is delivered to our partner the next day.

We grant our B2B-partners excellent purchase terms, which encompasses providing good prices and favourable payment conditions. It is in our interest to dispatch the ordered items as soon as possible, so we offer to our B2B-partners the options of paying with PayPal and credit cards as well.

With our marketing activities, such as writing articles and filming videos, we try to create a demand for the products that we distribute. We publish our articles in print media (Lovec magazine) and on the web (various blogs, our website).

The purpose of creating content is incredibly clear to us – we want to provide our customers with useful, unbiased information, and encourage them to make a purchase. As distributors, we feel responsible for acquainting our B2B-partners with the manufacturer’s novelties, as well as carrying out courses on products difficult to operate. We are always willing to help our partners, be it over telephone or e-mail. We gladly assist them with any trouble they encounter – it is in our interest that the sales process is as successful as possible.

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