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We are experts in the field of sport optics, which allows us to guide our customers towards the right product based on their needs. During this process, we are unbiased and honest.

Since our offer is composed of many different products, we have no problems fulfilling our customers’ wishes, even if they are specific. Our warehouse is always well-stocked. We are constantly optimizing our website so that it is as user-friendly as possible.

At the checkout, the users have many shipping and paying methods to choose from.

Warranty and return policy

Products in our sales catalogue have incredibly long warranty periods. Nevertheless, an issue may occur in a small percentage of products. We believe that after-sales services are the foundation of every competent e-commerce shop and that it is our responsibility to help customers in these situations. Even if customers turn to us with products no longer covered by the warranty, we offer assistance and take care of every detail concerning the service – customer satisfaction is of great importance to us. Read more:

Every product can be returned 14 days after the date of receipt, no questions asked. We will fully reimburse the product cost or offer an alternative product choice, depending on the buyer’s preference. Read more: