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Browe is an American company that started its journey in 2009. Its founder, Brian K. Browe, is a former director of operations at Trijicon. He was working at Trijicon for 22 years and participated in the ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) project. His ideas and suggestions have not been heard or taken into consideration, so he left. He started his own company Browe and made some major improvements in the field of tactical optics. One of the most significant improvements is the adjustable illumination on a riflescope. The other advancement, that is probably even more important, has to do with the battery.  The new Browe riflescopes use a battery for illumination while the old Trijicon models use tritium. This means that there are certain restrictions as to where the Trijicon riflescopes can be sent. But Browe riflescopes that use ordinary batteries, can be sent anywhere in the world. We have been working with Browe since 2015 and are an official distributor of their products.