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Delta Optical

Delta Optical was founded by Grzegorz Matosek who acquired experience in optics while working at one of the optics factories in Poland. When the factory closed its doors, Matosek decided to establish his own company. He used a business model that was put to the test by plenty of Americans before him – contacting an optics manufacturing factory in China and Japan, presenting one’s demands and creating a brand. Delta Optical is a young company with an asset – they are fully acquainted with the market and its demands. They introduce their requests to the OEM manufacturers in Asia who devise unique optical devices that no other optics manufacturer has in its offer. Stryker HD, an incredibly popular Delta Optical riflescope, is a great example of such cooperation. The company provides excellent customer support. They managed to establish a wide sales network in Europe in a short period of time. Since their products can be found in many hunting stores, they don’t have to worry about carrying out marketing activities themselves. Throughout the years, Delta Optical devices have retained both quality and affordability. We have been cooperating with them since 2013.