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Dentler was set up through joint forces of Daniel Detler, an established craftsman with expert knowledge of gunsmithing and a businessman Thomas Haas. Together, they successfully created one of the most innovative brands of the optical industry.

Dentler produces extremely robust mounting solutions with 100% repeatability. The backbone of their sales catalog are the Basis and Vario Basis series. All of their products are manufactured in Germany.

The accomplishments of the company are supported by the fact that some of the most respected gunmakers in the business (Mauser, Browning and Merkel, just to name a few) now sell rifles and guns with Dentler mounts already pre-installed. This is something we have not seen before and it speaks volumes to how highly regarded Dentler solutions have become – among customers and industry colleagues alike.

Optics Trade immediately recognized the enormous potential of Dentler’s business vision, and we have been working with the brand since the very beginning, that is 2014. Most of their mounting solutions are in permanent stock.