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General Starlight Company Inc. has been one of the leading manufacturers of optical products for night vision, thermovision and fusion optics since 1992.

This Canadian company initially operated as an OEM manufacturer for other brands. The first time that they entered the industry as a stand-alone brand was in 1995 with the launch of a NV-monocular. The product was successful and it was soon followed by a full range of night-time tactical devices.

The company invests a lot of resources in constant development. GSCI is known for its meticulous “30-40-30” approach to every item launch and re-stock. This means that during the production process, 30% of the time is allocated to quality control check of the materials, 40% to the assembly, and the last 30% to a rigorous torture test of the final product.

This way, the GSCI has been able to ensure that their products do not only follow the quality requirements but continue to set the standards in the optical industry as a whole.

Optics Trade has been working with GSCI since early 2015. We operate as an authorized distributor in the Slovenian territory, and therefore keep a close eye on their activity in the civil market.