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This German company has been operating since 1966 and was founded by a gunsmither Rudolf Henneberger. He honed his skills over many decades, working in weapon manufacture for Heym GmbH in Munich where he was employed as the chief of the department.

It took him more than 20 years to finally enter a business venture under his own name. Henneberger the company is a story of success, having become one of the most renowned brands in Central Europe that specializes solely in the production of mounting solutions. Frank Henneberger followed his father’s footsteps, taking over the reigns in 2004, which means that the company has never exchanged hands outside of immediate family.

The many recent achievements of this German brand are closely connected to LippeJagd Brinkmann GmbH group, which acquired Henneberger along with other well-known industry names like Aimpoint, Meopta and Dentler. Today, Henneberger produces various mounting solutions, from simple rings to red dot mounts and Weaver-style rails.

We have been working with Henneberger since 2016.