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Holosun, founded in 2013, has its headquarters in the US but manufactures all its products in China. Their offer comprises red dot sights, lasers, and magnifiers. Holosun is famous for its huge array of red dot sights, available with various innovative solutions – solar cells, titanium housings, reticles in different colours (red, green, gold), etc. The philosophy of this company, based on offering quality products for an affordable price, is one of the reasons for the company’s rapid growth. A stereotype that Chinese products are of low quality still leaves potential customers with second thoughts in Europe and America – Holosun is one of the companies that break this stereotype, as the quality of their red dot sights is on par with Japanese, European, and American devices. The cooperation between Optics Trade and Holosun dates to 2014 when we became a distributor of their products in Slovenia.