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INNOmount is a German company founded by Christian Scherpf.  This enthusiastic hunter started his own business by designing custom rifles and selling them. After a while, he started to develop innovative mounts and the mass production of his products began. Although he started the business with the production of rifles, the company nowadays mostly develops and manufactures mounts. INNOmount company is very flexible – they learned how to survive in a constantly changing market. INNOmount is one of the biggest manufacturers of mounts in Germany. All mounts are made of high-quality materials and provide the best link between weapon and aiming device. They are good alternatives to conventional mounting systems and they offer ideal solutions. We are working with and selling INNOmount mounts since 2013. We also have distributing rights. Because there is a high demand for INNOmount products, we aim to have all of their mounts in stock at all times.