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Leica is a company with a very long tradition that has been founded over 110 years ago. Their products are famous for their quality and beautiful design. In 1913, Leica invented photo-film and became a pioneer of this technology. Although the company was already a mass producer of cameras, in 1907 they also made their first pair of binoculars. The company manager Ernst Leitz II, an enthusiastic hunter, outlined some basic design ideas and the production of Leica binoculars began. In the ’50s, Leica also started the production of riflescopes. Their latest series of riflescopes is named Magnus. These riflescopes are known for the largest field of view available on the market. The production of Magnus led to a dispute with Swarovski but that didn’t affect the production and success of Magnus. In 1992, Leica launched the production of first civilian binoculars with built-in laser, another feat that makes them a pioneer brand. Our company has been working with Leica since 2012. We devoted a lot of our time to market their products and because of that, we have been invited to several events hosted by Leica.