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Leupold is one of the most famous and influential names in the world of sports optics. The trademark is owned by Leupold & Stevens, Inc., a company founded by Markus Friedrich Leupold and Adam Voelpel in 1907 (it was named Leupold & Voelpel at first). At the time, the company specialized in repairing survey equipment. John Cyprian Stevens, the inventor of the first water level recorder, joined the company in 1911. In 1942, The company’s name was changed to its present form – Leupold & Stevens. Since then, the sports optics and surveying equipment is sold under the Leupold trademark, while the level and flow recorders are sold under the Stevens trademark. There is a story behind the birth of Leupold optics – legend has it that Markus Leupold, an avid outdoorsman and hunter, decided to manufacture his own optics when he missed an animal on a hunt with a fogged-up riflescope. That turned out to be a great idea – Leupold sport optics have been incredibly popular since the beginning. Leupold is one of the few companies that still have most of their production facilities in the US.