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Meopta was founded in 1933 by L. Mazurek and A. Beneš. At the time, Meopta had a different name - Opticotehna. The company is located in the Czech Republic. In the beginning, Opticotehna produced lenses and condensers. After some time, they started to manufacture binoculars and riflescopes. After World War II, Opticotehna was nationalized and renamed into Meopta. Right after the war, Meopta was one of the biggest producers of movie projectors. Today, the company is one of the biggest manufacturers of optics in Europe. Meopta is also famous for grinding lenses for almost all other manufacturers of optics in the world. They have huge production lines and a great number of employees. Lately, Meopta is trying to penetrate the market with more innovative products, similar to Vortex. We’ve been selling Meopta products in our online store since 2015.