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Noblex bought the Docter trademark in 2018. Docter as a brand was born in 1991, when Carl Zeiss Jena was taken over by Bernhard Docter. In the second half of the 20th century, Carl Zeiss Jena was one of the most influential companies in the sports optics industry, peaking in the 1980s. They built an impeccable reputation throughout the years. In 1991, When the East and West Germany merged, Bernhard Docter took over the company, creating the Docter brand. The manufacturing of optics continued until 1995, when Docter went bankrupt. The brand was then purchased by Analytik Jena Group who successfully restarted the production. Throughout the years, Docter has been known for producing quality German-made optics with a lower price tag compared to other German manufacturers. In 2016, Docter was sold to Noblex GmbH, a subsidiary of VF Capital GmbH, a Frankfurt holding company. They renamed the Docter brand into Noblex, retaining the Owl logo. Most of the devices that Docter had in production at the time of the change in administration remained in Noblex’s offer, but some new devices were added as well. Plenty of their devices are still manufactured in Germany, while the production of some newly introduced, affordable optics takes place in Japan and China. We have been a distributor of Noblex (ex Docter) products since 2014.