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Schmidt & Bender

Schmidt & Bender is a renowned manufacturer of sports optics from the German city of Bibebertal. The company was founded in 1957 by Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Bender. The company initially manufactured telescopes for hunters and field target shooters, and later on expanded its activity onto optical devices for police and military use.

The company is considered to be a giant of the optical industry on a global scale and quality-wise, Schmidt & Bender products have their place at the very top of the current production. Even today, Schmidt & Bender continues to assembly their scopes manually, which means that they are able to produce only a limited number of products at an annual level.

In the last decade, US sniper specialist Bryan Litz played a major role in the success of this premium brand. Through business collaboration with his company Applied Ballistics, Schmidt & Bender engineered a so-called “sniper scope”, a riflescope made specifically for sharpshooters. Police Marksman tactical riflescopes were developed from a basic hunting scope and the series is still considered to be an important turning point in the development of sports optics.

Optics Trade has been working with Schmidt & Bender since 2013.