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Shield Sights

Shield Sights is an English company from Dorset that produces red dots for pistols. Their products are mainly used in sport shooting. People at Shield’s expertise is based on their own in-the-field experience, since the founders John and Jeremy White, father and son, are very active IPSC shooters themselves. When it comes to recognizing their customers’ needs, over 40 years of participating in shooting competitions at the highest level has obviously provided this family business with a unique insight that is very much appreciated.

The company is a proud owner of the lightest reflex red dot in the industry. Shield also succeeded in proving that, contrary to the popular opinion, the use of plastic in construction of reds is often a better choice than using alloys and glass. Due to strong recoils, glass lens shatter and metal housing deforms far more easily than simple polymer plastic.

Optics Trade has partnered with Shield Sights in 2016. We are also the authorized distributor for Slovenia.