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Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer is a company with a long tradition and a very interesting history. It was founded in 1853 in Switzerland, under a different name. For the longest time, the company manufactured rifles and guns only. In the 80s, the company decided it was time to expand their market. They changed their name to SigArms and started to penetrate the American market. In 2007, the name changed again, this time to Sig Sauer. Beside rifles and guns, Sig Sauer also began to manufacture optical devices and the company experienced continuous growth. Sig Sauer has great success with the production of optical devices, especially with pistol red dot sights. A lot of their time is devoted to the production of electro-optics and they are very skilled in the manufacture of built-in rangefinders – these can be connected to a smartphone app. It worth mentioning that a many people mistake Sig Sauer for Sauer. Let us stress that Sauer is not the same company as Sig Sauer and the two brand names are not affiliated. We sell and distribute Sig Sauer optical devices since 2016.