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Sightron is a subsidiary of a bigger company Kenko-Tokina which has been dealing with the manufacturing of optic-related parts for dozens of years. Tokina is the manufacturer of camera objectives, while Kenko mainly manufactures teleconverters for products branded Tokina. Kenko-Tokina owns Sightron, a company that has been manufacturing sports optics for more than 20 years. The production is in Japan, except for some of their low-cost optics which are made in the Philippines. Since 2008, the company has been in the hands of Yoshi Hamada who uses an interesting business model. He invests plenty of money into development, while paying almost no attention to marketing. The purpose of this approach is customer-oriented, as the buyers get the best quality possible for the price. This is one of the main reasons why Sightron is so popular among sport shooters. We have been working with Sightron since 2013 as a distributor on the Slovene market.