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The founder of a company,  Håkan Spuhr, started to work in a weapon industry at an early age. He began his gunsmith training at the age of 18 and worked at the Austrian company Voere. After his training was complete, he returned to Sweden and worked as a gunsmith. With experience, he noticed that many mounts were problematic and came with many deficiencies. Håkan Spuhr founded his own company and named it after himself.  Spuhr immediately began the production of innovative and precise mounts. Spuhr mounts are high-quality products but a bit expensive. Spuhr is by far the largest manufacturer of tactical mounts. Almost all Spuhr products are made in Sweden. They mostly make tactical mounts but lately, they expanded into the development of mounts for hunters. Spuhr also offers a wide selection of accessories for scope mounts such as spacers, angle indicators, lasers, illuminators, Picatinny rails, etc. We’ve been working as a distributor of Spuhr products since 2013.