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VOMZ (Vologodskiy Optiko-Mekhanicheskiy Zavod) is a Russian company that is a true doyen of the optical industry. Its beginnings reach far back, before the Second World War era. In its present form, VOMZ was re-established in 1971 when it began the production of OEM parts for other brands. Apart from sports optics, VOMZ continues to manufacture modern military equipment and optical devices that are used in medicine.

The majority of VOMZ production in the field of sport optics is taken up by affordable riflescopes and red dot sights. Since 2006, the company also specializes in development of night vision optics for the civilian market.

An interesting tidbit. One of the flagship products of this Russian company is VOMZ Pilad 3.5x20C, a close copy of the legendary riflescope used by Soviet snipers during the Second World War.

Optics Trade has been working with VOMZ since 2014.