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Warne is an American manufacturer of scope mounts and bipods. The story of the company began in Australia after the Second World War, when the soldiers returned home from the battlefields. Many brought the firearms with them but those rifles turned out to be cumbersome and too heavy for hunting purposes. Suddenly, there was a great demand for gunsmithing masters who could offer various solutions on how to adjust military rifles to their new use. One of these experts was Jack Warne, owner of Sporting Arms Unlimited.

After 20 years of successful operation, his small business was bought by the American company Omark from Oregon. Warne was offered a new post in Portland as the chief of Omark’s new department for sport optics and he was happy to take it. When it came the time to enjoy retirement, he decided to jump into another cross-Pacific adventure.

In 1991 he established Warne Manufacturing Company, which specializes in mounting solutions for riflescopes. After almost thirty years, Warne the company remains faithful to the original business vision of ​​its founder. It is still a medium-sized production but their products are incredibly robust, with emphasis put on functionality.

Optics Trade  has been working with Warne since 2017. In Slovenia, we are the authorized distributor.